Soft Skills Every Engineer Needs

No matter the industry, engineers generally carry many of the same traits: being mathematically inclined, highly analytical, and possessing a drive to solve problems, to name a few. While these traits and your experience might get you in the door for an interview, it is often your soft skills that will set you apart in [...]

Standing Out at Your Job – 5 Traits Managers Want to See

When you want to become a Stand Out employee at work and position yourself solidly for growth and success, we’ve got some ideas for advancing your goal. Displaying any of these 5 traits is a great way to boost your appeal with your manager: 1. You have a strong work ethic Your ethics are not [...]

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Breaking Barriers in the Workplace

As a professional with an opinion, voicing thoughts to your co-workers, regardless of their rank can sometimes be intimidating. In many cases, employees can be reluctant to provide input in order to avoid stepping on another person’s toes. Other times, opinions are suppressed because an employee may feel their position limits their ability to contribute [...]

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