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Kendra Palmer of Staff Hunters helped me through a difficult time in my life. I lost my job of almost 18 years because the company stopped manufacturing in the U.S and they no longer needed an Electrical Technician. I had not been in the job market for almost two decades. Kendra researched jobs that matched my skill sets & coached me on how to present the skill sets that applied to the job I was interviewing for.She did the job search,coordinated the interview and helped me get a great job opportunity similar to the work I was doing prior to my layoff. Thank You Kendra for your hard work and professionalism.

Emery K, Engineering

Kendra is awesome! I was looking for a mechanical engineering job where I could work under a PE. Kendra found me one, got me an interview with the company, and I received my offer all within two weeks. She is extremely quick and efficient, but yet has your best interest at heart.

I’ve worked with third party recruiters frequently, but Kendra was the best I have worked with. Many times recruiters have tried to put me into roles that weren’t a great fit for me, or a role that I wouldn’t be happy in. Kendra worked hard to find me a role that fit me perfectly. Not only that, but she took the time to check up on me after my first week of working at this new job.

I highly recommend her for your engineering hiring needs!

Ben,  Engineering 

I would HIGHLY recommend Staff Hunters to anyone looking for a job in the Seacoast area.  The personal attention you receive makes you feel like you are their only client.  I have had the pleasure of working with Katie Stevens.  Katie was always available when I needed to speak with her; she returned all my calls promptly and answered every single email I had (and at times there were many of both calls and emails!!). Katie and Amber both provided a listening ear and constructive criticism when needed

Administrative Assistant Candidate

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you for everything you guys have done for me! I had such a great experience working with all of you and I am so appreciative of everything Staff Hunters helped me with. I would honestly recommend your service to anyone.

[Your client] was such a great fit for me and I honestly did not expect things to go so well.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and efforts that helped get me on a new career path!


Good afternoon Amber,
I am letting you know that I have been offered a position with the company and have accepted the position.

It has been a pleasure working for Staff Hunters; and you, Amber, have been a great staff adviser and supervisor. Your company is world class at making employees feel “world class”. I couldn’t have asked for a more stress-free situation working under Staff Hunter’s umbrella of good reputation and friendly professionalism.


Hello Amber,
Love to see that you are still getting amazing feedback from your clients/peers. You have such a positive reputation and impact in the Seacoast area. Happy to say I am one of your many fans!

Hi Kendra,
I hope that you had a good day and as always, I enjoy speaking with you on the phone. I appreciate your openness and your insights.
Your sense is correct; my job search is proactive and this is why I contact you often. I would like to mention that out of all the recruiters that has either contacted me or I have contacted, you are the only one that has followed through with everything, even when the opportunities haven’t gone my way. That means more to me than anything else.

Hi Amber,
We are so thankful for Carol! She is incredible.
I so appreciate you and the amazing people you have sent our way. I am your biggest cheerleader.

Thanks Amber! Kelly

Our candidate is absolutely fantastic. Great on the phone, very personable, engaging, and nice.
She sounds like she has been here forever- no pauses, or stumbling through her phone script. Just very well poised- a great find once again Amber!

Kendra, the CEO would like to meet with you in person because you were right on in terms of both technical and cultural fit for the two candidates you sent over. No one else has been able to come close with candidates. He was very impressed with your work and wants to meet you in person to talk about establishing an ongoing relationship.

It was a pleasure meeting you today! Thanks for taking the time! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I was really impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of your team. You should feel fortunate to have recruiting managers like Kendra and Jo in your engineering division. They provided me with valuable insight about my search. After the meeting I am confident that Kendra will be able to find the next position in my career.
-Best regards,Theo

Hi Gerry,
I just got off the phone with John. He couldn’t be more appreciative of Staff Hunters’ profit sharing and working with us. I wish I could have been with you guys longer.

I have really enjoyed working with you and appreciate your open, honest feedback. The experience I’ve had with Staff Hunters has been very special. You’ve shown such a genuine interest in both your candidates and your customer. Thank you for being interested in the long term–the best fit for each party. The difference in the Staff Hunter’s approach is apparent and far reaching. I am hopeful to be selected for the opening, but regardless my experience of with Staff Hunters has been exceptional. Thank you again.
-Regards, V

Hi Amber,
Thank you for your help and encouragement during my job search. I was so nervous contacting your company, but you put me at ease. I have found a full-time job that I love. It is a great match for my skill set and the entire crew there is wonderful. Thank you again for helping through a stressful time in my life!

Hi Amber,
I am doing very well! I want to thank you so much for your help in keeping me busy these past few months. After having an unimpressive experience with another staffing firm I was skeptical about staffing agencies, but not anymore. Working with you and Staff Hunters has been nothing but a positive and enjoyable experience. I only wish you had a branch in California! I wish you the best Amber and whole-heartedly appreciate your dedication to your clients.
-Thank you, Maya

I love recruiters who ‘get it’ like you do. They are few and far between.

Thanks so much Tony.
Glad to see that Justin was correct about you. It is a rare recruiter (in my humble experience) that actually listens intuitively for the right fit for candidate and employer!  (I have only met two others in my career and you are right up there in my book now!)

Hi Amber,
I just have to tell you [our new employee] is INCREDIBLE! Way more than I could ever hope for, she is a go getter and has an amazing personality. She has been helpful to everyone…and has an incredible attitude. Thanks
-A Portsmouth Company

I’m very excited to start my new career! The congratulations should go to you and Staff Hunters as I am so appreciative of all that you have done for me and continue to do.
-Jennifer, Direct Hire at a Manufacturing Company

She [temp] was “superb”. Thank you for sending such an excellent temp to fill in for me. We will definitely be calling on you again when I go on another vacation.
-Stephanie D., Attorney’s Assistant at a Law Firm

I really like it! I’m fitting in well! I’ve already learned their 3D CAD program and really enjoying the work so far. The commute has been fine too, I enjoy the time to myself during the ride. I can’t thank you enough for helping me land the job.
-Matt T., Direct Hire at a Global Manufacturer

I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Ari at Staff Hunters while working on recruitment efforts at my organization. Ari is a first-class professional all the way! He is excellent at digging in to the details of a position in order to meet a company’s needs and to find the right talent for that specific role. He is respectful, diligent, and committed to task. He has such a great way about him that is engaging, thoughtful, and insightful. Ari always takes the time to go out of his way and will go the extra mile to answer any questions, give ideas, or just provide support.
-Bonnie K., HR Manager for a Defense Contractor

It was great meeting you as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to understand my “plight”, and what I am trying to achieve. Your advice is invaluable to me in the search to better myself. What makes you so successful in what you do, is that you care. And that shines through. You are truly “one of the good ones.
-Andrea E., Job Seeker

That’s why I’m working with you guys so much. As you know, your industry is pretty crowded and most recruiters do a good job. I look for someone I can work with, that doesn’t BS me and listens to what I need.
-Scott L., HR Manager at a Global Industrial Manufacturer

Thank you so much for trying to get work for me. I have to say that you were the best person to work with. You were very thorough and always kept me informed. I do appreciate that very much. Many of the temp agencies just leave you hanging and you never know how things are going. I always knew when I received a call from you, I would not be left wondering.
-Pat T., Job Seeker

Thank you so much for the great pool of applicants you sent over. You made it hard for me to select someone and that is always a very good sign. I will highly recommend you to any of my local accounting colleagues that may be looking for help.
-Judy R., Controller for a Safety Manufacturer GOOD

What a positive experience I had dealing with one of your team members. We were looking to temp-to-hire an Office Manager. We made contact with several temporary personnel agencies and started looking at applicants. One thing quickly became clear; the absolute best response we got was from Amber at Staff Hunters. She was extremely easy to work with, asked great questions, never recommended someone who wasn’t qualified and took genuine interest in our needs. When the time comes to add personnel (and it will come), Staff Hunters will be the first call we will make.
-Ralph B., President of a Construction Company

I wanted to let you know how nice it was meeting with you on Tuesday. You are very comfortable to talk to and inspire confidence.
-Ginny O. , Job Seeker

It was a good day for me, being an actual employee. We had 2 meetings in the conference room where they announced…me being permanently hired. The president of the company came up and congratulated me this afternoon and says he feels that it is a good match for both myself and the company. So, I’ve had a pretty warm welcome and I really appreciate it. Thank you again for all your attention and concern during our association with each other. You are the only person from all the temp agencies who really kept in good contact with me and made an honest effort to find me a job. You are good at what you do and I’m very thankful to you for finding me a job that is such a good fit.
-Diane C., Temp-to-Hire at a Seacoast Company

Thank you for everything you have done on my behalf. Amber, especially, has been a great help throughout this process and I think she is a great representative of your company. I would like to thank you personally, as I would not have had the opportunity to interview with your client otherwise. I’ve been very hopeful of a positive outcome, but regardless of the outcome, I appreciate everything you have done for me.
-Spencer P., Job Seeker

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