Mechanical Design Engineer (Candidate ID: 204766)

We are working with a candidate who has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is currently studying mechanical engineering technologies. He has solid design and project engineering/management experience, as well as experience with SolidWorks. His background includes updating NX CAD drawings to aerospace specifications by using Teamcenter for revision and workflow control, designing mechanisms [...]

Mechanical Design Engineer (Candidate ID: 204766)

Our candidate is an experienced designer and recent BSME graduate. He is skilled in project engineering/management, tooling and fixture design, and programming CNC mills. He has utilized many software programs including SolidWorks, SurfCAM, Unigraphics, NX CAD, and more. He is personable, easy to work with, and would be an asset to any organization. He is [...]

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Mechanical Engineer (Candidate ID: 240393)

Our experienced Mechanical Engineer has a varied and current background in quality, field service of automated medical device equipment, project management and client relationship management. He has worked in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, and healthcare and considers himself a talented leader and individual contributor who is friendly, easy to get along with, [...]

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Manufacturing Engineer/Tooling and Machining (Candidate ID: 191732)

Our candidate is an experienced Manufacturing Engineer who is skilled in heavy machining, fixtures and tooling design, and project engineering. He is a BSME Lean expert, as well. He has held roles as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Lead Manager, and Project Engineer.

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Sr. Manufacturing Engineer (Candidate ID: 232144)

Looking for a Senior Manufacturing Engineer with a solid history of resolving cost and output problems in manufacturing and machining environments? If so, our candidate is often the go-to person to resolve these and other issues. He has an MS in mechanical engineering, over 20 years’ experience in various engineering roles, and has been leaned [...]

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Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Devices (Candidate ID: 234971)

We are working with a talented Medical Device Manufacturing Engineer, not restricted to but including engineering of electromechanical devices. He is open to contract as well as direct hire. He has worked with suppliers and mechanical engineers from R&D to validation and testing to ensure manufacturing could meet design, plant, and cost specifications. In addition, [...]

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Manufacturing Engineer (Candidate ID: 232144)

Are you looking for a skilled Manufacturing Engineer with strong experience working in manufacturing operations, including a wide array of different process capabilities and programming? If so, our candidate is seeking a new role where he can contribute to the organization. He has held several managerial positions including his current one in which he directs [...]

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Electrical Engineer (Candidate ID: 231785)

Our Electrical Engineer candidate is a recent graduate who has had plenty of practice with analog and digital design and with programming work for research on supercapacitors. He performed as an OCP Technician and NVMe Technician in the past, testing fibre channel devices, cables, hosts, and modules. He assisted vendors with issues and ran diagnostic [...]

Engineer (Candidate ID: 229868)

Are you looking for a skilled engineering candidate for your organization in the general Concord/Manchester area? Our candidate has a BS in chemical engineering and has been a Lead Engineer and Design Engineer for the past 10 years with the same organization, responsible for mechanical seal solutions for non-standard products for specific application. Prior to [...]

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Manufacturing Engineer (Candidate ID: 227856)

Our skilled candidate is seeking a Manufacturing Engineer role in the general Portland, ME area. He is currently a Manufacturing Engineer in the paper industry and has in-depth technical knowledge of facilities and machines in the plant. In his role, he is responsible for continually evaluating all the inputs of this complex system to ensure [...]

2018-10-11T14:30:20-04:00April 27th, 2018|Categories: Engineering Candidates|Tags: , , |
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