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5 Reasons to Give Supplemental Staffing a Chance

As you work to establish a lasting career, you will learn that there is more than one road to success, and each road will have bumps and hairpin turns. Your plans will change, and you will be pressured to make decisions you may not have considered before. Perhaps you’ll even consider taking on short-term work [...]

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Cleaning up Social Media: Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve read Cleaning Up Social Media: Getting the Job, you have a general idea of what professionals are looking at when they visit your social media profiles. To help you further, here are a few steps you can take to clean up your online presence.  Facebook: -Un-tag pictures (i.e. excessive drinking, partying, etc.) [...]

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How to Answer, “What is your Biggest Weakness?”

When it comes to job interviews, we want you to be prepared for any question that comes your way, especially the curve balls. A frequent curve-ball question that is often tossed at you in an interview is the “weakness” question. We understand that pinpointing your flaws with a potential employer can be a bit awkward, [...]

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