Terry had a great position providing mechanical quality control inspection support at an oil field that fed the Alaskan pipeline. The problem was that Terry’s home is in Maine and traveling back and forth to Alaska every two weeks was getting quite tedious. When he decided enough was enough, he barely had time to get his resume together before a perfect opportunity presented itself, courtesy of a connection he had made with Staff Hunters years before.

Senior Engineering Recruiting Manager Kendra Palmer and Terry initially met in 2016 when Terry reached out to see if Staff Hunters had any local opportunities that might fit his background. Kendra said, “I really wanted to find him a job at the time we met, but the economic times were not as strong, and we did not have any needs that suited his niche background.”

Fast forward to June of 2019 when Terry decided to try again to find local opportunities. At that same exact time, Kendra was beginning a search for candidates for a quality control position and she immediately thought of Terry. She said, “I remembered really liking his background. He could easily articulate his skills, he was clearly very knowledgeable in his field, and it just so happened that he was a perfect fit for the role I was working.”

She reached out to Terry and asked him if he would be interested in exploring the opportunity. Terry said, “As soon as I told Kendra I was interested, she carried the ball the rest of the way. She made contact with the employer, set up Skype and in-person interviews, and constantly updated me with the status. She made the process so simple.”

The fact that Terry was only in the area for two weeks every month didn’t stand in the way. “The timing was perfect,” Terry commented. “The job was just being created, and I had the luxury of letting them work out all they needed to before I was offered the position.”

Terry joined the company in October of 2019 and now has a completely different life. While travel is still part of his job, it’s on a much more limited basis and closer to home. Without having to leave for two weeks each month, he’s enjoying spending more time with friends and family and working on home projects at his own pace.

Would he use a staffing agency again? Terry firmly believes he would. “My employer and I wouldn’t have found each other without Kendra. I wouldn’t have been looking in the right areas and I certainly wouldn’t have known that this job was available and that they were looking for people. Kendra worked as an advocate and was like a vocational coach. She was instrumental in keeping me on top of everything I needed to do in the hiring process. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”

Congratulations on your new position, Terry, and welcome home!