When Kaisha decided to look for new job opportunities, she did what most people do—updated her resume and LinkedIn profile. The next logical step would have been to use search engines to find job postings that fit what she was looking for in her next career. However, because her LinkedIn profile stood out immediately to Staff Hunters’ Kendra Palmer, Kaisha didn’t even have to get that far before she received a message that immediately ended her job search.

Kendra happened to be searching on LinkedIn for a candidate that matched her client’s desired skillset when she came upon Kaisha’s profile. Because her profile was well-written with clear titles, specific day-to-day responsibilities, and other attributes that accurately depicted Kaisha’s experience, Kendra felt that Kaisha could be a strong candidate for her client. She reached out to her and asked if she would be interested in speaking with her about an opportunity. Kaisha said, “Kendra’s message was timed perfectly, and I was intrigued, so I decided to go through the interview process.”

Although Kaisha had used a staffing agency once in the past, it didn’t compare to her experience with Staff Hunters. “Kendra definitely put a lot into the process,” she recalled. “She took out a lot of the guesswork by coordinating between me and the company and kept me informed the entire time. She even went as far as prepping me on how to be more successful in my interview.”

Not only were Kaisha’s qualifications what the client needed, but the client offered everything Kaisha was looking for in her next career, and soon thereafter, she was offered and accepted the position. Kaisha commented, “It’s definitely a cultural and career fit. I have a lot of experience but was looking for the next step in my career. I got that, and the team I work with is great.”

If she were to look for another career in the future, she knows exactly what she would do. “In the future, I would go directly to Staff Hunters now that I know what they can do for me.”

Congratulations, Kaisha, from all of us at Staff Hunters! We wish you continued success in your new role!

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