When you want to become a Stand Out employee at work and position yourself solidly for growth and success, we’ve got some ideas for advancing your goal. Displaying any of these 5 traits is a great way to boost your appeal with your manager:

1. You have a strong work ethic

Your ethics are not limited to knowing the difference between right and wrong. As with any functioning relationship, trust is key between a manager and their employees. Before assigning you more work, bigger clients, etc., your hiring manager wants to know that you have the best interests of the Team in mind, and that your goals align with those of the company. Then, you need to show that you are willing to do the work to advance the Team.

2. You are an effective communicator

A simple way to establish trust? Communication!

Your manager relies on you to relay pertinent new information that they may not be aware of. Just as important, is the manner in which you convey this information. It’s okay to be comfortable with your manager however, it’s important that you always remain professional. Establish trust, which increases your reliability and credibility.

3. You are coachable

One of the best ways to evolve in your position is to be coachable. Ask thoughtful and applicable questions and genuinely listen when you receive a response; take what you’ve learned and apply it to your role.

While you bring background and skills of your own to the table, willingness to learn and improve will continue to take you places. In any position, there is room to grow and improve, and the opportunities are there to learn from those around you. Utilize your resources. Don’t take these opportunities for granted!

4. You take initiative

You are confident in your ability to succeed and you proceed accordingly.

Your ability to take initiative is a great representation of your potential leadership skills. Want to move up in your career? Demonstrate your capability and use your initiative to move the needle of progress in an ever-advancing position. Knowing you can get your job done without being closely supervised frees your manager to attend to other tasks, with the knowledge that what you’re working on is in capable hands and will be completed as expected.

5. You are flexible

You strive for positive outcomes for your Team, which may mean combinations of extended independent work mingled with spurts of collaborative work with others, or vice-versa.

Being a flexible employee is much more than being able to take on different projects. Being flexible means having the ability to be what your manager needs you to be at any given moment. It’s not likely that every task you’re assigned can be handled in the same manner, so understanding when a new approach is necessary will be key to your success.

The attributes of a stand-out employee and a stand-up person are remarkably alike. Just as in life, when you associate yourself with people who reflect similar qualities of you at your best, and people who possess qualities you admire, your satisfaction quotient increases. Apply the same attributes in your work life and you’ll reap similar benefits. Your employer will benefit, and you’ll be a stand out employee on your Team!

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