Amber Payne and Josh Woods - June 2016

Amber Payne and Josh Woods – June 2016

The saying goes, “First impressions are lasting impressions.” That certainly was the case with Amber Payne and Josh Woods. Sitting back-to-back, they only worked for three short months in 2006. Josh made such an impression on Amber that she remembered his work ethic and tenacity three years later, despite not keeping in touch since they had parted ways. The fact that they work together now is a testament to the power of connectivity.

In 2006, Amber worked for a large staffing company and relocated from its Des Moines, Iowa office to a position in its Portsmouth, NH subsidiary’s office, where she and Josh sat behind one another. Amber says, “Even though we only worked back-to-back for three months, Josh was always on the phone, calling clients and candidates. His dedication and focus really impressed me.”

Amber left after three months to join Staff Hunters in Portsmouth. She and Josh didn’t stay in touch, but several years later, Josh came into Amber’s office seeking a new position. Amber remembered him and encouraged him to interview at Staff Hunters, but the only available position was in their Bedford office, and Josh turned it down. In 2012, a position in the Portsmouth office opened up, and a former mutual colleague of theirs reconnected the two.

Josh recalls, “Staff Hunters was definitely always on my radar. The second time I applied, it was much more targeted. My job at the time was staffing light industrial candidates, but my personality fit professional staffing. I understood Staff Hunters’ formula, and felt I would really enjoy working here.”

And he still does, four years later, thanks to the power of connectivity.