Happy National Accounting Day! As a company that regularly recruits and places accountants of all levels, we are inspired to continue promoting a profession that is full of history and has a bright future ahead of it! In fact, did you know:

  • Accounting is a career that is full of opportunity! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting careers are growing at 10%, which is 3% faster than the average growth rate of all other occupations.
  • CareerOneStop, an informational website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, predicts that there will be 440 job openings for accountants in Maine and 530 in New Hampshire annually between now and 2026.
  • You don’t have to go far to find an accountant! There is 1 accountant per 287 persons or 1 accountant per 3.38 square miles in the U.S. And of the nearly 1.4 million accountants, approximately 664,000 are CPAs.
  • Although accounting can be traced back to ancient civilization, the title and professional license of the Certified Public Accountant was first awarded in the year 1896.
  • Female pioneers in the accounting field include Christine Ross, the first US female CPA who was awarded the designation in 1899, and Ellen Libby Eastman, the first woman in Maine to receive her CPA (1918) and open the first public accounting practice in New England.
  • Despite popular belief, accountants can be creative! Just to name a few, accountant Walter Diemer invented bubble gum in 1928; saxophonist Kenny G holds a degree in accounting; and writer John Grisham, author of best-selling novels such as The Firm and The Runaway Jury, graduated with a bachelor’s in accounting!
  • The world of accounting is evolving quickly! Automation software and artificial intelligence are slowly replacing the duties of some entry-level positions yet demand for accountants with strong analytical and advisory skills are on the rise!