As a professional or someone joining the workforce, we all have heard how LinkedIn benefits your job search. But how? Staff Hunters is partnering with Krystal Hicks of JOBTALK, LLC  to help enhance your jobhunting experience.  

There are two opportunities to listen in to this webinar. When you go to register, please select the date that you wish to attend.

When?  January 30, 2020 at 12pm (noon) – Listen Now
February 6, 2020 at 5:30pm –
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Topics being covered:  

How it works:  

  • Why does being present on LinkedIn benefit you? 
  • How does LinkedIn ensure privacy and safety when networking with new people? 
  • How does LinkedIn actually “work?”    

Connecting with others:  

  • How and why to join Groups and engage with others in your field 
  • How does the News Feed work and why is it worth checking out regularly?  
  • Understanding your Notifications (and how to turn off the emails) 
  • Growing your connections: Finding alumni from your colleges or past companies to connect with. 
  • Connecting with new people: Messaging Do’s and Don’ts  


  • What is the relationship between your resume and your profile? 
  • How to create or refresh your profile, make edits, and add assets. 
  • Top 10 Profile Tips (this is where we walk all the way through the creation/refresh of a profile and I will give them tips on each of these pieces)  
  • Your Profile’s Visibility (Show them where they can make edits to their own privacy settings) 
    • Headshot / Cover Photo 
    • Headline
    • About Section 
    • Adding Visual Assets (what helps and what hurts) 
    • Publishing Content 
    • Employment Section 
    • Volunteer Experience 
    • Extra Sections / Options 
    • Recommendations – and how this helps you stand out.  


About the Presenter:

A born and raised Seacoaster, Krystal Hicks has more than 10 years of experience in staffing, career services, and corporate recruiting in New Hampshire, overseeing talent acquisition, development and retention for organizations like the University of New Hampshire and Lindt USA. In April of 2019, she expanded her part-time career advising practice, JOBTALK, into a full-time counseling and consulting business where she now provides 1-on-1 career counseling to job seekers, as well as employer branding consulting and workshops on strategic recruitment practices to companies looking to attract and retain top talent. In 2017, Krystal was recognized as a “10 to Watch” winner by Seacoast Media Group and Catapult for her work and dedication towards improving workforce and economic development within the Seacoast. She currently holds seats on the Racial Unity Team in Exeter and serves as co-director for the Seacoast HR Association’s Workforce & College Relations board.