At Staff Hunters, we understand that making moves in your career can be both empowering and intimidating. The amount of time and effort you invest in your job search can  feel overwhelming, and that can be amplified more-so when you are going through the process alone. When you choose to work with a staffing firm, the “guessing element” is taken out of the hiring process, and the agency that is chosen to represent you takes on the task of connecting you with high-quality companies based on the needs of both you and the company to which you are presented.

Their job is to communicate on your behalf:

Not only is having a liaison between clients and candidates an effective way to communicate, but having the ability to remain completely transparent should also speed up the hiring process. As you carry-on with your search, you’ll find that companies vary when it comes to who they hire, and what they offer their employees. Your staffing manager’s job is to help you wade through whatever positions aren’t worth your time and help you find the right fit with a great company in a timely manner.

They take on challenges so you don’t have to:

Since it is the responsibility of a staffing firm to build relationships, your staffing manager also takes on any challenges, should expectations of a position suddenly shift. Given their experience in dealing with various industries and fields of work, not only do they have a better understanding of changes in the job market, but their knowledge can help guide you through them. With your needs as their priority, another perspective is a great asset to have as you plan your next career move.

The opportunities are different:

Working with a staffing firm leads you to open positions you wouldn’t otherwise come across. With their years spent networking and building relationships with different companies and professions, staffing firms never stop making deep-rooted connections. In many instances, these relationships lead to openings for candidates that may not yet be available to the public eye, keeping the competition to a minimum. Confidential prospects such as these are a special bonus, courtesy of the talented networking of your chosen staffing firm.

Whether you choose to use a local staffing firm such as Staff Hunters, or you go with a national firm, you will be exposed to far different opportunities than those you  find job searching independently. The staffing firm you invest your trust  in is your advocate and the honest, clearly defined relationship that you build can be long lasting and rewarding.