Like running shoes, not all staffing firms are created equally. Finding your best fit will make all the difference in your world, which is why it’s important to know some of the major benefits of working with a local staffing firm. When you decide to go local, you are choosing to customize and personalize your career search experience to fit your needs. Any firm can tell you how important your relationship is to them, but not all can prove it. When it comes to your career, working with local experts provides accessible contact, specialized service, and proven results. That’s important to you, and that’s paramount to Staff Hunters.

Local firms work on a scale that gives you the chance to build a more personal connection. Amber Payne, the Regional Vice President at Staff Hunters says, “As a local, boutique staffing firm, our priority is to invest time in building relationships with people and maintaining our ethics and commitments to the community.” Choosing a local firm makes for a more intimate experience where you will be treated as more than just a number. “I believe that our clients know that we are more concerned about a long-term partnership with them versus one placement or transaction,” says Amber.

Not only will your local staffing firm be able to gain a better understanding of you and your needs, but they have a better perception of the industry around them because they’re living in it. Being familiar with local opportunities provides an edge by making the information you seek more obtainable, and the service you’re provided more direct. Your time is precious, and your Staffing Manager’s knowledge and connectivity in the industry as well as the area around you, will make all the difference in your staffing experience.

When you decide to put your trust in a staffing firm, you should be seeking service that provides personal attention and an immediate response to your needs, and yields quality employment opportunities. The best way to assure you get that is to choose a firm that prioritizes and accommodates you. Local staffing firms will get to know you, and will deliver the quality results you are looking for; if it’s reliability you’re looking for, the right fit is close by. Call Staff Hunters and get to know us!