The role of accounting in business is extremely important. As a professional in this field, you are contributing a business support service to managers and first line supervisors at the company. Your role reaches beyond money and numbers, and ultimately provides supervisors with the information they need to make strategic and educated decisions.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind to ensure that you bring your ‘A game’ to the job.

  1. Connect with other business support services (i.e. HR and IT)

Collaborating with like departments is a great way to improve communication and achieve company goals more efficiently.

  1. Continuing Education

To grow your accounting career and stand out in the market, education is key. Continuing your education with an Accounting Certificate, MS in Accounting, MBA or studying for the CPA exam will bring you to the next level in your accounting career.

  1. Network

Join a local group or build your own, complete with trusted advisors, mentors and colleagues. Be sure this network includes people with more experience than you, and/or a specific area of expertise!

  1. Specialize

Accounting careers offer a wide range of specializations. Consider a specialization in a growing area like forensic accounting, financial planning and analysis, audit, public accounting, tax, or international accounting.

  1. Technology

Technology is a key aspect in business as well as accounting. It’s important to keep up with advancements, as you will find that top firms all use accounting systems to drive and deliver data. Most successful accountants also work toward becoming advanced level users of Excel, learning to manipulate complex spreadsheets and understand macros. Becoming proficient with a variety of accounting software and financial reporting software will add tremendous value to your skills and help you expand your career.

You’ve chosen accounting as your field of expertise. You understand the integral role you hold in your company. Continue to grow your skills and evolve your specialties. And when you’re ready to consider a new position, reach out to the professionals who understand, at Staff Hunters, Portsmouth, NH.